Who Are We?

City Hive London is a Community Interest Company (C.I.C) which extends a helping hand to the homeless and the financially challenged, through both direct and indirect methods. Founded in 2022, our objective is to enrich our communities by impacting the lives of individuals who are often overlooked.
This project has been set up to support local food banks and establishments that distribute sustenance to those who need it most. As an organisation, we help a range of people; hostel users and those who sleep rough day-to-day; asylum seekers fighting for their safety; refugees desiring to lead a peaceful life; single parents desperate to make ends meet and highly vulnerable members of our society such as the elderly and mentally ill. Different people, with different circumstances, but the same fundamental problem- poverty. We have been known to work with initiatives like the YMCA who accommodate young people in need of extra food and support.


We are wholeheartedly thankful to work with a number of organisations who play a huge role in supporting our work to help people in crisis.