How We Do It

We have working relationships with supermarkets and private businesses that generously provide us with a source of both non-perishable and fresh groceries, as well as other essential items, which we then share amongst the charitable institutions we are affiliated with.

The products which supermarkets supply are usually items they cannot sell, for example, groceries near to the best before or sell by date. Many branded corporations donate products which cannot be sold after the promotional period, such as items specifically marketed for any national holiday or festive seasons. This helps solve the problem of food waste, resulting in a lower carbon footprint for those corporations which is better for our environment. Some organisations go so far as to set aside a budget to manufacture and donate to goods to hubs such as ourselves, so that we can continue to distribute to local food banks and hostels which house people who need support. 

Members of the public are vital in the work we do. A large portion of the basic items such as canned food, dry pasta, rice and the like, are commonly donated by everyday shoppers at various retail outlets who facilitate this. You may have noticed a basket or trolley during your visit to your local store, usually positioned by the entrance, piled high with food donations ready for organisations like ours to come and collect. Once received, our volunteers then sort through food to check that it’s in date and intact, then packed into bags and boxes. The food is then grouped by date and categorised by product, packed away in crates stored on shelves, ready to be allocated to our network.

Local and industrial farms commonly donate fresh produce to food hubs such as ours, making it possible to provide local soup kitchens with quality ingredients to prepare tasty, nutritious meals to be given to people who do not have the capabilities to do it for themselves. Satisfying hunger is one thing, but at City Hive we also consider the health of those we look after.

On top of all this, we receive contributions of freshly cooked, hot food from local restaurants and individuals with a heart for supporting their community. These meals are carefully managed by our team of volunteers, taking their time to drive around and deliver the food to those in need, whether it be people they encounter in the moment or as a special service directly to the homes of those who regularly depend on our service.   

We also have a team of fundraisers who go out and collect monetary donations from members of the public, which we then use to further our cause. The money goes towards the cost of ingredients for the hot meals, 


We are wholeheartedly thankful to work with a number of organisations who play a huge role in supporting our work to help people in crisis.