Our Mission Statement

City Hive C.I.C. is on a mission to assist organisations in London and across the UK that care for the poor, with a reliable supply of provisions, whilst directly helping those we come across first-hand.

Our vision is to empower the lives of the needy- homeless people, mental health sufferers and families who cannot afford food.

The values that underpin the work that we do are: 

Respect– we believe everyone should be treated with a standard level of care, regardless of who they are, from our volunteers right through to our beneficiaries. This affects the way we speak to people and even the way we handle the goods we supply.  

Dignity– as a result of showing respect, we want all the people we interact with to walk with their head held high. We want everyone we work with to be proud of what they do and we want to eliminate any sense of shame that our beneficiaries may feel, because anyone could end up needing a helping hand at any time.  

Discretion– because we believe in protecting the dignity of those we serve, we aim to do things tactfully. Whether that means meeting people at their homes or placing our items in non-branded packaging, whatever it may be, we have no desire to air out people’s business.  

Our goals for the next 12 months are:

At the moment we are operating only in London, but we want to expand our reach right across the UK.


We are wholeheartedly thankful to work with a number of organisations who play a huge role in supporting our work to help people in crisis.